BE the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World eBook Packaged with Valuable Audios by Life, Executive and Small Biz Coach and Transformational Author Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD

Ask yourself, What can I teach? How can I lead? How can I inspire? Who can I inspire?  
You are unique and your uniqueness puts you in a position to help those around you… your job is to find out what that is and make a commitment to truly BE the Inspiration.

You can help others transform through your message, your example. What is in your wheelhouse? Use your expertise. Be an expert.


This BE the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World ebook is:

Designed to take you from getting inspired personally to becoming the inspiration to those around you.

Learn what it takes to:


  • Become an inspiring leader so you can grow your business
  • Become a leader in your profession
  • Lead and grow a program
  • Make a difference and/or become a thought leader


Learn how to use your personal development story to create a meaningful and inspiring platform.

Use and develop your expertise.

I am so excited to share it with you!

The Be the Inspiration ebook explains how to use the acronym INSPIRE and you will learn key components of explosive personal and leadership growth. This ebook includes the key concepts that I have been teaching in my $997 leadership coaching program.


Why would you want to listen to me or read this book, you might be asking yourself?

I have written four books, created a dozen audio programs, created signature coaching programs,masterminds, and a membersite, created global reach with my telesummit series, have 20 years of leadership, coaching, training, and development experience, and continue to grow my business exponentially each year. I am willing to share the principles that helped me do this and I am sharing stories from my brilliant clients and colleagues who have also created lives filled with meaning, success, and love.



You might be thinking, "What will I be learning in this new ebook?"

You will learn and use the acronym INSPIRE

  • I- Your compelling "I" story. Craft your authentic message.
  • N-New Beliefs- Learn the beliefs you need to embrace to be a thought leader.
  • S- Step into Inspired Action
  • P- the 3 P's necessary for a successful business- People, Purpose, Prosperity
  • I- "I love" (unconditional love)- the elixir for transformational business and personal relationships.
  • R- Reaching Out- Touch people with your message.
  • E- Managing Your Energy and Enthusiasm- Realize it is all energy. Your business has an energy vibe- create and maintain a powerful vibe. Enthusiasm is the selling without selling secret. 

In this eBook I have included:

  • Concepts I have been teaching my leadership group coaching classes.
  • Ideas that have propelled my coaching practice to a global level.
  • Exercises in each chapter to give you a practical application of each concept.
  • Stories from people just like you- who have transformed their lives.

Plus Bonuses:

  • Leadership Bootcamp audio mp3 program.(value $97)
  • How to Write a Book Fast and Fabulously audio mp3 series (value $197)
  • The Grow Your Biz for coaches, consultants, small biz audio program (value $197)
  • Conquer Limiting Beliefs energy healing 1 hour audio mp3 with me and energy healer Crystal Lynn Miller.

Plus More Bonuses:

My interviews (audio mp3's) with world class leadership, coaching, and lifestyle experts:

  • Marci Shimoff
  • Janet Nestor
  • Pat Hastings
  • Doug Jarvie
  • Hemal Radia
  • Nanice Ellis
  • Nancy Farris
  • Linda Hardenstein
  • Tomar Levine

Get it Today for only $27 and you get immediate access to your ebook as a digitial download and to hundreds of dollars worth of audios.

I won't be offering this package for long...

Be a part of my community of achievers. Through working with me and my programs my clients have written books, started and/or grown businesses, launched new careers,saved their current careers, taken action on long procrastination lists, created more happiness, learned how to get what they really want out of life.

If this feels right for you... 

I promise you, you will learn, grow, and change.

What will it mean to you... to become a better leader, an agent of change?

What would it mean to cultivate and craft your authentic message?

Get it today. If you are not 100% happy with this ebook after 30 days of reading and trying the principles- I will refund your money. 

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"Sheri is an amazing author who inspires you from the moment you start to read BE the Inspiration: 7 Ways to Inspire Your World. You will feel inspired from Sheri’s words of wisdom which is easy to understand, flows naturally and will touch your heart.

The book will teach you what it takes to become an inspiring leader in your business, or personal life.

I recommend this book to anyone who would like to raise their energy vibration, learn new strategies that will help you grow as a person, and at the same time find have more joy, peace, passion and zest in their life.

You will also love the inspirational stories by other people that share what has happened in their lives that you can relate to.  The words flow easily so that you will keep reading and not put it down. Take a moment and answer some of the questions, apply the tools and techniques that are provided and you will be ready to take action. You will soon be the inspiration to those around you. Be the person that is more bold, brave, and daring. Be the Inspiration, and make a difference in your life as well as others."

Bonnie Gortler,



Meet Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff Your Inspired Action Success Coach. Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA, CGCL  is a Life, Executive, and Small Biz  Coach and  a bestselling transformational author. Sheri knows what it takes to go from tragedy to triumph. She discovered her brother after his suicide death as a teenager and she struggled for years with sadness and depression. Eventually, she found her way back to both success and joy. She is an internationally popular radio show guest and is the host of her own podcast on itunes. She is the author of multiple books, the creator of  Your Path to Success Club, developer of  transformational group coaching programs, and founder of her Success Store . Sheri is a leadership expert,  keynote speaker, and workshop leader. The essence of her coaching approach is transformational and she is able to teach, collaborate, partner, mentor, and inspire others in groups and on a one one one basis to ignite inspiration, creativity, happiness, and success every day. She holds a PhD, a  Master's degree in Organizational Management and is a certified group coaching leader. She has taught ethics and business classes at the collegiate level. Coach Sheri lives in beautiful Parker, Colorado. She is married (for over 20 years) and has three children and three step-children.Her mottos:  Be the Inspiration, Be Bold, Boldly pursue a life of meaning and passion. 

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"Be Free, Be Happy. Be the Inspiration. Boldly Pursue a Life of Meaning and Passion."

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